Williston Wind Tunnels

SOH Wind Engineering, situated in Williston, Vermont (USA), operates three wind tunnels for a variety of purposes.

The wind tunnels serve two primary functions: the calibration of anemometers and wind engineering research.

Among the three wind tunnels, two are a closed loop design and share a common wall. Each of these tunnels comprises a pair of parallel structures, equipped with individual fans and an engineering test section measuring 3 x 3 m. By combining the two tunnels, a larger test section of up to 6 x 3 m (width x height) can be achieved. The maximum velocity attainable within the engineering test section reaches 19 m/s.

To test the accuracy and performance of anemometers and wind vanes, a dedicated anemometer contraction is utilized. This contraction features a cross section of 2.5 x 2.5 m and is capable of generating speeds up to 26 m/s.

The third wind tunnel features a single pass design, characterized by a cross-section measuring 0.76 x 0.76 m, and it can achieve a maximum velocity of 45 m/s. While this tunnel is suitable for calibrating anemometers and wind vanes, it does not have the capability to perform MEASNET accredited calibrations.

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