Vibration Comfort

In connection with our global load studies, we offer vibration comfort assessment services. The vibration comfort is assessed for upper floors of buildings. Our team of experts typically utilizes High Frequency Force Balance (HFFB) testing to measure the vibration levels and determine their potential impact on the comfort of occupants.

HFFB testing is a reliable and accurate method that measures the spectrum of forces generated by fluctuations in the wind, allowing us to quantify the vibrations and their frequency characteristics. This information is crucial in determining the comfort and potentially inform the most effective solutions to mitigate the vibration and improve comfort levels.

Our team of professionals follows recognized international standards to evaluate the perceived comfort of occupants, including ISO 10137. These standards define guidelines for evaluating the human body’s response to vibration and provide criteria for assessing the impact of vibration on human comfort.

Our vibration comfort assessment services provide valuable insights into the potential impact of vibration on building occupants, helping our clients make informed decisions to improve their building’s comfort and reduce the risk of negative impacts on health and wellbeing.

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