At SOH we are experts in wind. We offer services in the field of wind engineering and structural vibrations in a broad sense. Think about us this way; “if it moves due to wind, and it’s not supposed to, we can help” At the same time we are experts in the calibration of wind measurement equipment and field measurements of vibrations as well as their mitigation.
Accurate wind load testing means that your project will be safer, and more comfortable to use. With our detailed and accurate wind tunnel tests we determine wind loads that are more accurate then design codes. In some cases the global wind loads on your buildings may be reduced by up to 40% compared to building codes ensuring you a greener project.
We work on bridges of all scales! No bridge is too short or too long. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized services that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We understand that every bridge project is different, and we work closely with our clients to develop a customized approach that best suits their needs. Whether you require a desktop study or a comprehensive investigation of your bridge, our team has the expertise, equipment, and resources to deliver high-quality results.
We specialize in providing solutions for all kinds of structures that move, but shouldn't. We understand the frustration that comes with dealing with structures that are supposed to be stationary, but are instead vibrating either due to wind, waves, pedestrians, traffic etc. Whether it's a building, bridge, chimney, wind turbine tower, mast, or any other structure, we've got you covered.
We are leading in knowledge with 25 years in the business and through extensive research in anemometer calibrations and all related aspects. We have calibration facilities in both Europe and in North America, reducing transportation time and costs.
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