Company History

In 1988, Svend Ole Hansen founded Svend Ole Hansen ApS with a vision to incorporate scientific knowledge into wind engineering projects, driven by his unique insights. During the 1990s and early 2000s, Svend Ole Hansen ApS primarily served customers in Northern Europe, focusing on their specific needs.

The establishment of SOH Wind Engineering in 2011 marked a pivotal moment for Svend Ole Hansen. It was triggered by an expanded client relationship with NRG Systems, who sought a supplier capable of calibrating anemometers in close proximity to their headquarters in Hinesburg, Vermont. Leveraging their existing expertise in anemometer calibrations, Svend Ole Hansen ApS secured the contract, paving the way for the birth of SOH Wind Engineering.

Located in Williston, Vermont (USA) SOH Wind Engineering dedicated its initial years to developing the anemometer calibration business and building the necessary tools for comprehensive wind engineering tests on various structures, including buildings and bridges. Rapidly, it emerged as one of the largest volume anemometer calibration labs worldwide, solidifying its presence in the industry.

Expanding its global footprint, SOH Wind Engineering opened a sales office in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in 2015, enabling them to serve customers in Asia more effectively. This strategic move provided the company with a truly global reach, strengthening its position in the international market.

Today, SOH Wind Engineering distinguishes itself by delivering unparalleled attention to each customer. Regardless of project size, we thrive on delving into challenges at a fundamental level, offering our unwavering commitment to every endeavor. With years of dedicated work and extensive research, we have cultivated an unmatched expertise in wind engineering. Our profound understanding, coupled with the tools we have developed, enables us to deliver cost-effective results for our customers. We excel in tackling both straightforward projects and thought-provoking, one-of-a-kind structures.

At SOH Wind Engineering, we embrace our independence, forging our own path in the industry. Our journey is driven by our relentless pursuit of knowledge and our dedication to providing our customers with exceptional solutions tailored to their specific needs.