USA Wind Tunnels

SOH Wind Engineering has two large wind tunnels in Williston, Vermont, USA.  Williston is located 5 miles from the city of Burlington.

The Williston wind tunnels have a closed return flow and consist of 2 parallel tunnels. Each wind tunnel is fully operational on its own as it is forming a closed circuit with its own fan and separate return flow. The test section of each wind tunnel is 3 x 3 m. Optionally the two tunnels can be combined creating an even larger test section of up to 6 x 3 m (w x h).

The wind was turned on for the first time in the wind tunnels in September 2012. In January 2013 Vermont´s local TV-station visited the Williston Wind Tunnels. See the two minutes news clip from the wind tunnels and read the press impressions from the grand opening in March 2013: Williston ObserverVTDiggerBurlington Free Press.