Wind Actions On Structures

Consultancy service for wind actions on structures, both on shore and offshore, is a core competence of SOH Wind Engineering. Our projects include theoretical calculations, wind tunnel tests, and full-scale experiments.

Static and dynamic wind actions have a large influence on building and other civil engineering structure designs. Structures can fail due to inadequate analysis of the wind action during the design stage. The determination of wind actions only using structural codes and general guidelines give very conservative values for many types of structures, e.g. high rise structures and structures with very complex geometry. Wind tunnel tests completed using a scale structure model are a powerful tool. The test can be used to determine a less conservative and more precise wind action. This less conservative result can lead to a less expensive structure or a design that more closely resembles the original concept design.

Aero elastic effects in the form of vibrations caused by vortex shedding, galloping, and flutter are also part of the service portfolio. The treatment of aero elastic effects requires, besides aerodynamic knowledge, thorough analyses and understanding of structural dynamics.

Svend Ole Hansen is chairman of the code committee revising the Eurocode EN 1991-1-4 on wind actions.

E-mail all requests for testing or calibrations to info@sohwind.com.