Calibration Of Anemometers and Wind Vanes

SOH Wind Engineering performs more anemometer calibrations than any other lab in the world and can also calibrate wind vanes.  Most calibrations take less than a week to turnaround and are done for the lowest prices in the industry.

Frequent calibrations are performed on anemometers manufactured by NRG Systems, WindSensor, Thies Clima, Vector Instruments, VaisalaRM Young and MetOne. Almost all types of wind anemometers can be calibrated at our facility.

SOH Wind Engineering is ISO 17025 accredited by ANAB and is a member of MEASNET (Measuring Network of Wind Energy Institutes). SOH Wind Engineering is the only calibration lab in the Americas that can perform MEASNET calibrations.

SOH Wind Engineering can perform flexible and custom designed solutions for testing prototype instruments or the classification of anemometers per the IEC 61400-12-1:2017 Ed 2.

E-mail all requests for testing or calibrations to info@sohwind.com.