SOH Wind Engineering and Svend Ole Hansen ApS has been consultants regarding different engineering aspects regarding wind and structural vibrations of varies stadiums. Examples of services provided for some of these stadiums are:

Brøndby Stadium

Brøndby Stadium was constructed in 1965 and restored in 1998-2000 and has an audience capacity of approx. 29,000 spectators. Wind actions on the tribune structures based on a wind tunnel test were determined. An analysis of the dynamic load on the tribune structures from the rhythmical movement of people was carried out. Client: Carl Bro

Vejle Stadium

Vejle Stadium was constructed in 2008 and has an audience capacity of approx. 10,000 spectators. Analyses of human-induced structural vibrations of a tribune structure were carried out. The investigation included a Finite Element analysis according to the structural code and field measurements of contemporary accelerations of tribune and roof structure. Customized TMD dampers were installed as solution to the structural vibrations. Client: E. Pihl & Son A.S., turnkey contractor

Parken – The Danish National Stadium

Parken was constructed in 1992 and has an audience capacity of approx. 38,000 spectators. In 2001 a retractable roof was applied to the existing structure. Svend Ole Hansen ApS has been consulting regarding varies aspects of the stadium. Global and local wind loads on tribune structure were determined in a wind tunnel test. Wind loads on the retractable roof as well as wind environment at the field were investigated in the wind tunnel. Human-induced structural vibrations on tribune structures were analyzed. Clients: Klaus Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma / Rambøll