Low-rise Structures

SOH Wind Engineering and Svend Ole Hansen ApS have been consultants regarding different wind engineering aspects of many low-rise structures. Examples of services provided for some of these structures are:

Icelandic National Concert & Conference Center in Reykjavik

Wind engineering aspects on The Icelandic National Concert and Conference Centre in Reykjavik. The Centre is 28.000 square meters in size and 43 meters tall. Local 1 square meter and 10 square meter wind loads compatible with the format of the Eurocode, representative wind loads on larger parts of the building and global wind loads on the building were determined. Determination of relevant dynamic wind loads for the special structural components in the facade. The wind environment of the site was investigated. Client: Rambøll

Tjuvholm Icon Complex in Oslo

Wind engineering aspects on Tjuvholmen Icon Complex in Oslo. The structure is designed by Renzo Pianos Building Workshop and consists of three low-rise structures with extensive cantilevered roof. Local 1 square meter and 10 square meter wind loads for the facade and roofs, global wind loads, wind loads on the cantilevered roof sections and wind conditions along the 90 meter high lift tower were determined. The wind environment at the site was investigated. Client: Tjuvholmen Utvikling AS

Isbjerget in Aarhus

Wind engineering aspects on Isbjerget at Aarhus Havn. Isbjerget is an apartment complex which is to be completed in 2013 and consist of varies structures of 26 meters to 38 meters in height. Global wind actions for the foundation were determined individually for each of the 11 structures by extensive wind tunnel test. Client: NCC Danmark Construction

ARoS – Aarhus Art Museum

Wind engineering aspects on Aarhus Art Museum in Aarhus – Your Rainbow Panorama. A circular walkway and a sphere designed in addition to the existing structure of the museum. The walkway is 52 meters in diameter and is to be completed in 2011. Global wind loads on the structure plus walkway and sphere were determined in order to evaluate whether the original structure possessed sufficient structural resistance. Global wind loads on walkway and sphere were determined for the design of reinforcement of the original roof structure. Local 1 square meter and 10 square meters wind loads for the walkway and sphere were determined. Client: Niras and Smidt Hammer Lassen

Education Centre in Marknagil, Faroe Island

Wind engineering aspects on the new education centre in Marknagil, Faroe Island. With more than 19,000 square meters the centre will be the largest educational building in the history of Faroe Island, housing 1200 students and 300 teachers. The centre is located on a hillside, 100 meters above sea level. Global and local wind loads were estimated. Investigation of wind environment around the main entrance was carried out. Client: Lemming & Eriksson / BIG