Svend Ole Hansen founded Svend Ole Hansen ApS in 1988 and SOH Wind Engineering in 2011.

The wind tunnels at both companies have been used in a wide range of different projects including cable supported bridges, determining wind loads structures, wind environment investigations, and calibration of anemometers.

Svend Ole Hansen ApS became accredited for calibration of anemometers in 2003 and SOH Wind Engineering was accredited in 2012.

Svend Ole Hansen has been a lecturer in wind engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, Syddansk University and on Eurocode courses in Denmark and abroad. He has been an invited speaker on many occasions, e.g. for the Scruton Lecture in 2009, at the Structural Engineers World Congress in 2007 in India and as a key note speaker at the European and African Conference on Wind Engineering , EACWE 2013. Svend Ole Hansen has written three books and a number of papers regarding different aspects of wind engineering.

Svend Ole Hansen is the chairman of the code committee revising the Eurocode on climatic action on snow loads, EN 1991-1-3, wind actions, EN 1991-1-4 and thermal actions, EN 1991-1-5. Svend Ole Hansen was also member of the Eurocode project team for wind actions converting the ENV to the EN Eurocode. Furthermore he is the chairman of the Danish code committee on safety and actions on structures under Danish Standards.